Have you heard? Our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) – the headquarters of Unitarian Universalism in the United States – has moved!

Check out this wonderful video (starring UUA staff and leadership) about the reasons behind the move.

Then, explore this blog! Here you can: Share a memory of 25 Beacon, Make a donation in honor of your favorite Unitarian Universalist, Tell us your vision for the future of Unitarian Universalism and our UUA headquarters, or Explore naming opportunities for the new building. You can also find information about the old building and updates on the new building as we get them in the “Recent Updates” section!

This website will be updated regularly as we get new information and as you comment and bring your ideas into the conversation. Check back often for news!

We’re glad you stopped by. Please join the conversation today!


Want to see exactly where the new headquarters is located? Check out this map which shows the path from 25 Beacon Street to 24 Farnsworth.


  • Tyler Conrad

    Awesome! So glad to hear that UUA is moving forward with a new location for the HQ!!

    • UUAGray

      Thank you for the positive feedback, Tyler!

  • Amanda Poppei

    I am excited about this move and trust the leadership’s discernment around what must have been a challenging decision. I’d also love to find a way to mark the transition. Are you considering any kind of ceremony? I’m a UU minister who first heard my call in the bookstore at 25 Beacon Street. I imagine others have similar ties. I would actually fly up there to say goodbye and honor the past and the movement forward. Could I be helpful in any way in planning something?

    • UUAGray

      Amanda, thank you so much for your feedback! We will almost certainly have a ceremony honoring 25 Beacon and introducing UUs to the new headquarters – we may not have specific details for a while, but we will send that information out when we can.

  • Nancy Hamilton

    Depressed about the idea. The whining from certain staff members seems excessive. Much cheaper to make repairs than move and massively remodel. Goody! Everyone will be in cubicles so they can communicate instead of offices. Or are we just trying to prove we can live without pride or place like the rest of the world.

    • UUAGray

      Nancy, thank you again for your feedback. We are working to ensure the new headquarters is welcoming and modern and efficient – both energy-efficient and work-efficient for our staff. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and that the new building meets with your approval!

  • Robert

    We had a parade, when my congregation moved from its old building to its new building….. Hire a brass band. Walk from Beacon Hill to the new location with lots of noise and excitement.

    • UUAGray

      Robert, thank you for your comment! We’re definitely going to have some sort of ceremony to celebrate moving from one building to another – keep watching this space for more details!

  • Robert

    GREEN SANCTUARY NOTES: I encourage the “Green Sanctuary” folks to make lots and lots of suggestions for the new building. The new headquarters should set a good example…. In particular, take a look at the roof. Can the roof support solar panels? A rooftop garden? Hives for honeybees? Put the roof to good use and show city folks what’s possible…. The lobby – or whatever the entry area is called – should be friendly and accessible. Say “Welcome” in different languages. Post information about public transportation. (This will help tourists and others who don’t know the Boston area. How do you get to Cambridge?) Some kind of bicycle rack will be appreciated. A weather station with an easy-to-read clock will be useful. And, of course, there’s a need for the best rainbow in Boston…. The building will send a message.

    • sarahcahill

      Thank you for the great suggestions Robert!

  • Ed Loomis

    I have fond memories of the old building and accompanying houses. I went through a week of new congregation start up training in one of the houses when I was a new UU and we were starting a fellowship in Michigan. I like historical buildings but recognize the need to have a more efficient and appropriate work space. As I look at the stairs leading into the building, my eyes are drawn to the red wall straight ahead. I can already envision a large chalice emblem on that wall. I hope you enjoy your new home.

    • sarahcahill

      Ed, thank you so much for your feedback. Great idea about the chalice emblem on the wall.

  • In addition to exploring the potential for the architecture of the new building I hope Goody Clancy will also really dive into what it takes to design an effective workplace for the UUA staff and visitors. I have been working in the field of workplace strategy and planning for 20 years and am sometimes astounded by how little has changed in the majority of our workplaces. Focus groups and discussions about people’s work processes (now and in the future), need for flexibility/adaptability over time, human comfort needs, etc should start soon in the process. I am currently planning a move to the Boston area and if time and travel schedules allow would love to help in any way I can!

    • sarahcahill

      We would love to hear your ideas, Bethany. We will be posting information soon about options to tour the new space and provide feedback, so watch for those updates.

  • John King

    The new facade appears to be simple and unadorned. Please nor “shutters” or other appendages. You have chosen excellent architects.

    • sarahcahill

      John, thanks for the comment. We look forward to seeing what Goody Clancy does with the space.

  • Bill Turner

    Bill Turner, Miami, FL It’s good to know that in growing our faith movement we’re taking meaningful steps to assist our national leadership to walk the walk. Moving our Headquarters into spacious facilities where the 21st Century technology is easily at hand is wonderful. Combining esthetic beauty and practical working space is a great formula. I’m impressed at how fast you all found that site with that view and accessability. It looks perfect for the updates you’ve projected. Our congregation will stay tuned in.

    • sarahcahill

      Thanks Bill. We look forward to sharing more details as things progress.

  • Dick Schaffer, MVUC

    Find ways to make this building LEED friendly, so changes, from interior and exterior lighting to roof, heating, cooling etc. can be Green so as to show-off the UUA’s commitment to our Green Sanctuary ministry program. We have been on Beacon Street along time and we will be here too. Take time and prioritize these changes as our faith and headquarters will change and grow!

    • UUAGray

      Dick, these are great ideas! We’re very excited about working with Goody
      Clancy, since they have a strong commitment to sustainability and green
      architecture. We’re going to do our best to make our new building as
      green as possible! Thank you so much for your feedback – please keep the
      ideas coming!

  • David Cauffman

    If those of us thousands of miles away from Boston, who have neither the desire nor opportunity to visit HQ, ever wanted evidence that the UUA staff thinks the world revolves around themselves, you’re supplying it in spades in all the fuss about changing digs. It’s an office move, for spirit-of-life’s sake. Happens to most of us multiple times. But somehow the rest of us manage to get real work done during the transition and manage to not praise ourselves quite so much. Enough already! What have you done for my congregation lately?

    • UUAGray

      David, thank you for your comment. So many UUs in the world, even those thousands of miles away, have asked us to share information about our move (as you can see from the comments on this page, many of them are very excited to share their thoughts and ideas for what our new headquarters should look like!). Of course one of the things we’re most excited about is the opportunity to serve you and your congregation even better and to continue our services to congregations through ministerial support, programming and curricula, trainings and webinars, books and other materials, and lifting up our progressive religious voice on the national stage. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and frustration.

      • David Cauffman

        Thanks for acknowledging my comment. I am, in fact, happy for you all and glad you’re trying to do the project right. However, I would encourage staff to pay attention to the volume, focus, and emotional intensity of communications to UUs – the “Join the Move” program seems to be consuming everyone at all levels. It appears to be a classic “edifice complex”. I’d like to see this level of energy and enthusiasm directed to internal issues like making the UUA more democratic* and external issues like stopping torture in our country. Incidentally, I’ve heard similar reactions from others both at GA and back home; this is not just a personal impression. I’m aware that my statements seem harsh, and the electronic medium doesn’t help that, but the sweetness and light conveyed by the other commenters doesn’t represent consensus, so I felt impelled to compensate.

        * Please don’t tell me our new ‘governance by nominating committee’ is more democratic. I’ve noticed there are no members of the nominating committee from west of the Mississippi. If you don’t know us, you aren’t likely to think we’re the best for any post. If you start a blog on that topic you might get useful discussion. And, returning to topic, if people thought they were represented, they might be more willing to help pay for the new facilities.

  • Stacy Callender

    I am so pleased at the wonderful new building and hope it reinvigorates the staff there. It looks like the spaces are filled with great possibilities. I am dismayed and embarrassed at the nasty/whiny comments. I just don’t get it! They may express the thoughts and feelings of some people who consider themselves UU, but they don’t represent UU values. For a un-fundamentalist faith community, we seem to struggle with accepting even the smallest amount of change. Don’t let that get you down. Keep moving forward! I know you have added great value to my congregation over the past ten years from the Tapestry of Faith curricula, Worship resources, Standing On the Side of Love campaign, etc. I’m looking forward to a bright future ahead for UUs.

    • sarahcahill

      Stacy, thank you so much for your words of support.

  • Guest

    The link above to donate takes you to the Friends of the UUA fund– valuable indeed– but wouldn’t it make more sense if it linked to the Join the Move fund?

  • Sarah Lenzi

    The link above “Make a donation” (just after “Share a memory”) links to the Friends of the UUA donation site– valuable indeed– but wouldn’t it make more sense to link it to the Join the Move Fund?

  • Alison Carville

    When is the move to 24 Farnsworth official? My congregation is about to start the process of renewing our Welcoming Congregation status and I’m not sure if I should send our application by e-mail.

    • sarahcahill

      Hi Alison – thank you for the question. You can still safely mail any necessary correspondence or paperwork to 25 Beacon Street. The official move will take place in the spring, and we will be sure to announce when it is time to update to the new postal address, as well as how long forwarding services will be in effect.

  • Julie Wilson Skye

    I love the new space…but what I will miss most is the E & P House. So many wonderful happen chance meetings there. So many good times. I know that we will find new ways to connect.

    • UUAGray

      Julie, thank you for the kind words! We will miss E&P, but hope that our new building will offer new ways for all of us to connect.

  • BrotherPhil

    I hope this new building will offer a quiet space for prayer, meditation, or reflection. I realize the old building’s chapel had to work as a multi function space. Maybe there is a way now for people who work at or visit the new building to always have the option to take a time out to be thankful for the day and their life or have the space to build up strength to accept the daily challenges of life. If the chapel could just be a chapel… this may really ‘witness’ to our faith’s reflective, worshipful spirit and promote contemplation and celebration. Just a thought. Thanks for listening and best wishes no matter what! Let’s build up a society of Love! 🙂

    • UUAGray

      BrotherPhil, thank you for your comment! There will be plenty of lovely quiet spaces in the new building, including the new chapel, a library, and some small meeting rooms. And the chapel will need to be used for fewer things now that we have more usable spaces. I hope you’ll come visit and find your own favorite space for reflection.