March 15, 2013

My fellow Unitarian Universalists,

I am delighted to tell you that last night the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) Board of Trustees authorized the purchase of a new headquarters for the UUA at 24 Farnsworth Street in Boston’s Innovation District and the sale of our current Beacon Hill properties. This is truly a historic moment for our UU movement.

This new facility will reflect and promote our values and aspirations. It will allow staff to collaborate and work more closely with colleagues and constituents across the world. Visitors, committee members, and youth groups will be able to gather, meet, worship, and learn in a flexible space that is accessible to all. It will meet key environmental standards to reduce our impact on the Earth. Our movement will grow into a new era in this new space.

After a strategic analysis of our current infrastructure, we became very aware of the limitations of our headquarters including accessibility issues, members of staff spread out across 16 floors making collaboration and communication difficult, inadequate meeting space, and many more issues facing a modern workplace. These factors helped us determine that to renovate would be financially prohibitive.

With this information and after much deliberation, we concluded that in order to further our movement and work in a place that reflected our values, we needed a new headquarters. I am thrilled that our new headquarters will meet the current and future needs of the Association and our religious community.

In the weeks and months to come, the UUA will be sharing information about the new headquarters as it develops, and we want you to participate. There will be many opportunities for engagement, conversation, and contributions to this vital transition. To start, watch this video highlighting UUA staff’s unique insight into this important and historic opportunity.

I am deeply appreciative of the scrupulous attention given to this matter by our Board of Trustees and of the work of our staff who contributed to the search process for a new headquarters. I give thanks to the countless individuals who have visited our headquarters at 25 Beacon Street and to all who have made it a place worthy of such admiration and meaning. I look forward to building upon our traditions and dreams in our new home.

In Faith,

Rev. Peter Morales
President, Unitarian Universalist Association

About the Author
Communications manager, Stewardship and Development, Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • Ed Butler

    Pictures! I want pictures!
    Your header picutre gives a sense of the area but — the neighborhood and maybe even a floor plan would be great.

  • Martin Voelker

    I’m also reminded of the recent talk about tech companies to keep their talent working in-house in shared space to encourage collaboration. The culture of an organization is certainly influenced by its physical layout. These new quarters certainly have potential the venerable # 25 did not possess.
    24 Farnsworth vs
    25 Beacon – funny!

  • Joani Blank

    Jumping right in with a “new name” suggestion: “The 25 Beacon Building” or The New 25 Beacon Building” followed, of course by the actual address of the new building

  • Manel Quintana

    Great news! Thanks for sharing this exciting development.

  • nancy ellen

    i’m glad staff and board are excited, but please explain the easiest way to get to the site from north station. i hope there’s ample parking, but driving into boston defeats our concern for the climate. further, won’t you be under water in a few decades due to rising sea level?

    • nancy, from South Station (which is accessible from North Station via the Orange Line) it’s actually a fairly short walk across the Congress Street bridge plus a few blocks to 24 Farnsworth Street. In bad weather when the bridge isn’t a treat, there are several buses and the Silver Line which will take you from South Station to within a few blocks of 24 Farnsworth.

      There is a parking garage right across the street from the new location and the rates are about half what they charge at the Boston Common Garage, the parking garage closest to 25 Beacon Street.

      (I cannot speak to being underwater. I would expect that the proximity of the Federal Courthouse makes this issue a priority for the city of Boston.)

  • Jill Hueckel

    Progress is necessary but it doesn’t mean it’s all joyul. I saw exclamation points after an exciting! announcement! that to me is actually a little sad.