“Last night, your Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees made the decision to move our Association headquarters from its long-time home on Beacon Hill to a new home in Boston’s Innovation District. We did not make this decision lightly. We did so knowing the heart of our Association is always in our covenanted communities. The administration made a compelling case for workspace suited to this collaborative age. This move will strengthen our Association spiritually, financially, creatively, and technologically. We believe the new property will become a hub of hospitality and inclusion, a place where Unitarian Universalists will deepen their connection to each other and our faith. We’re very grateful to our administration, who found a welcoming new center for our Association.

“At the close of the meeting, we shared words from our hymnal (#591) by Unitarian Universalist theologian James Luther Adams, who said of our faith: “it is a pilgrim church, a servant church on an adventure of the spirit.” That adventure calls us, one and all, to renewal of spirit, and faith in the coming day.”

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About the Author
Communications manager, Stewardship and Development, Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • Leslie Pohl-Kosbau

    It will be good to have a more accessible space and open work atmosphere. For those of us who revered 25 Beacon, its history and important place next to the state house, it would be important to bring some of the feel and the artifacts to the new space for the transition.

  • Rev. Richard J. Norsworthy

    It would have been nice to have had some word about this before it was a fait accompli. You people at 25 sure know how to keep a secret.