After a thorough evaluation process, we have selected an architecture firm to lead us through creating and implementing a design vision for our new UUA headquarters. Goody Clancy, an award winning firm with over 50 years of experience designing some of Boston’s most distinctive spaces, is our chosen architect.

This Boston-based architecture firm was chosen by a committee of UUA staff members out of a pool of architecture firms selected for their specific strengths and experience in areas with spiritual spaces, historic preservation, sustainable design, and the ability to add diversity to the UUA project team.

The finalists were chosen based on their fit with these criteria:

  • Visionary team leadership
  • Energy
  • Understanding of the project scope
  • Ability to work within the given time frame and budget
  • Understanding the nature of this as a transformational project and the importance of change management
  • Sustainability and accessibilities knowledge and interest
  • Diversity of the project team
  • Interpersonal connections
  • Quality of design work

A team led by Goody Clancy project lead Jean Carroon, who has received national recognition for her special expertise in applying sustainable design technology to historic buildings, will soon begin a process of discernment about how we might envision welcoming people in to and working in this new space. Jean and her team are eager to get started so that we can call 24 Farnsworth Street our new UUA home in January 2014.

About the Author
Communications manager, Stewardship and Development, Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • What happens to the E&P House and the old HQ?

    • Gray

      Marsha, thank you for asking! At the moment, the plan is to sell all four buildings the UUA owns on Beacon Hill and to move our entire staff over to 24 Farnsworth. We are looking into alternatives to Eliot and Pickett Houses for our visiting guests, ministers, and volunteers; most likely this will take the form of hotel rooms near the new building.