At General Assembly, UUA President Peter Morales unveiled some architectural concept sketches created by Goody Clancy for the new headquarters. Take a look at the images below!

About the Author
Sarah Cahill
Communications Assistant, Stewardship and Development at UUA
  • Leslie Peet

    I think you should read the book “Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World that Won’t Stop Talking” before you complete plans for the interior. Open plan areas are very difficult for introverts who are drained by too much personal interaction. Also, as the author points out, creativity is best supported by solitude because of the need to focus and concentrate.

    • sarahcahill

      Leslie, thank you so much for the book suggestion. We certainly want to be sure the needs of introverts are met in the new floor plan and that there is quiet space for focus and concentration.

      • Paul Beckel

        Window seats or something similar would be helpful for this in that introverts like me could have a bit of personal space but still be connected to the main room

        • UUAGray

          I love that idea, Paul! We’ll pass it along. Leslie, that’s one of my new favorite books; such a wonderful insight for us introverts.

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  • Beth McGregor

    I hope you plan to host a pre-GA tour and reception for attendees at GA 2014 in nearby Providence so they can see the new headquarters!

    • UUAGray

      Absolutely! We’re looking forward to hosting many tours for GA attendees and anyone else who wants to come visit.

  • Laurie Bushbaum

    As a fiber artist, for decades I have imagined a series of quilts that tell our story… There are many talented quilters in our movement.

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