This fall, congregations across the country will celebrate Join the Move Sunday. This is a chance for us to celebrate our Unitarian Universalist community and to strengthen our connections.

If you haven’t already, I invite your congregation to sign up. Our official Join the Move Sunday is October 6, 2013, but you can hold this service any day that works for your congregation’s calendar.

Join the Move Sunday is about more than just the UUA’s new headquarters. Money raised by your congregation for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) will support our efforts to create more collaborative, efficient and effective space that will allow us to serve you better. And your gifts will also help create something crucial to who we are, what we do and why we matter. Together we will build the new Heritage and Vision Center, an innovative and cutting edge space dedicated both to our Unitarian Universalist history and to the future we are creating together.

See if your congregation is signed up by visiting our blog, or sign up by commenting on that page.

The Join the Move blog has resources for planning your worship service and information on how to hold a special collection in honor of the UUA, our new headquarters, and our bright future.

I am grateful for all you do to support Unitarian Universalism. Our movement has so much potential; together, we are doing great things! Thank you for making this commitment.

In faith,

Morales Peter 24 Farnsworth

Rev. Peter Morales
UUA President

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  • Anita Farber-Robertson

    My congregation is signed up to Join the Move on Oct. 6. In addition t o getting them informed and excited, I am inferring that we are suppose dot be making a pitch for money. Will there be printed envelopes from the UUA available for us to insert in Orders of Service? How would you wish this appeal ot be framed? I need to take it to my governing board if we are asking for money at a Sunday Service. More information, please! Thank you, Rev. Anita Farber-Robertson

    • sarahcahill

      Rev. Anita, thank you for the comment and for following up by phone. Several people have had questions about how to frame an appeal for donations, as well as the logistics of the collection itself. We are working on an update to the Join the Move Sunday: Worship Resources page that will include more information on this topic and hope to have that up this week.

    • Guest

      Hey, Anita… I haven’t seen an offical reply to your request for more framing language, so below is what i cobbled together, in case it helps. Cheers, –Jaco ten Hove, Cedars UU Church (Bainbridge Island, WA)


  • Edmund Robinson

    2 weeks ago, I decided to make Join the Move the theme of this Sunday’s service, and like Anita, I find I am missing the basis for a fundraising appeal. I have considerable skepticism in my congregation about the wisdom of the move, and will invite open discussion. Our congregation is in the middle of fundraising for a lift and for a new organ, and I am not seeing many specifics on this page as to what the UUA would do with money raised in connection with this movel. Won’t we make a profit on the exchange of buildings, and won’t that go a long way to outfitting the new space? I am touring the new space this afternoon with Cameron Archibald and maybe she will have the answer to some of these questions.