Dear Friend,
Over 150 congregations committed to Join the Move Sunday. Many celebrated on October 6. Many more plan to hold their service sometime this year. The date doesn’t matter. The purpose does. When our communities join together to demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment to our movement and our Association, we are in turn strengthened. As one of the 150 plus, your combined contributions fuel our movement. We are more vital because of you. For others, I invite you to hold a special Join the Move worship service this church year. Sign up on this page or send an email to We have resources for you.
I was honored to spend October 6 at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Maryland. My message focused on our moral obligation to reach out in love to the spiritually hungry and religiously homeless and to connect with one another. I challenged this vibrant congregation to think even more innovatively, not only to be even more accessible and welcoming to UUs and seekers, but to really reach out into the community. Our future depends on these relationships. We need to move. Complacency is not an option. Join the Move Sunday is about taking a day to have a deeper conversation about what’s next for your local religious community and to affirm the partnership between you and your national UUA staff.
Here are some photos from my trip to Cedar Lane. Please share your photos and stories of your Join the Move Sunday. Simply write to The staff will talk you through the process. Your story, your photo could be the right thing at the right time to inspire others.
With gratitude for all that you do for Unitarian Universalism,
Morales Peter 24 Farnsworth

Rev. Peter Morales

UUA President


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Communications manager, Stewardship and Development, Unitarian Universalist Association.