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Your UUA Board of Trustees met in Boston from October 17 to October 20. It was an energetic and exciting meeting! You can read more about the meeting in the UU World article and the report from the Board. The move of our UUA offices from Beacon Hill to Boston’s Innovation District provides us with an opportunity to refashion our vision for the future and decide where we, as a religious community, are going and how we get there together. I am inspired every day by the work being done at all levels of our Association, and I look forward to all the work there still is to do.

I have asked the UUA’s Moderator, Jim Key, to share his own reflections on how the Association’s move to a new building will deepen our relationships and build community together.

In faith,

Morales Peter 24 Farnsworth
Rev. Peter Morales
UUA President

The UUA’s move to 24 Farnsworth Street gives the UUA the opportunity to rethink many of the ways in which staff work and serve Unitarian Universalism. While UUA staff groups are taking on this important task, the UUA Board of Trustees is also taking the time to reflect and realign how we can achieve our goals together.

Thanks to a smaller board member size (14 rather than 23 elected trustees), we are able to be more agile and responsive to our congregations, communities, and constituents.

The UUA Board crafted a covenant that we anticipate will inspire the acceleration of our work towards our Global Ends and Shared Vision of the Association.

We promise to:

Show up with our best selves, intent on listening with openness and willingness to the voices in the room and those that are not.
Speak with an authentic voice, grounded in our lived experience, mindful of differing cultural interpretations and realities that are present.
Honor our duty to do the work of the board and to place anti-racism, anti-oppression, and multicultural accountability at the center of that work.
Recognize that each of us is fully human, with hurts and vulnerability, and the need to laugh and sing.

We adopted this promise at our recent meeting to keep the focus on becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and multicultural religious movement. I am interested to learn what you are doing in your own congregation and community to help achieve our goals and highest aspirations for Unitarian Universalism. I encourage you to share your work in the comments section below.

As your UUA Moderator, I am personally very excited about the move to the Innovation District and all the creative activities that are happening in our congregations and communities in our clusters, districts, and regions.

We know that everything we do—including where our headquarters is located—is part of the message we send out about who we are. The UUA’s new headquarters will send the message that we are forward-looking, collaborative, and innovative.

Thank you for joining the movement. I look forward to all that we will accomplish together to make our world a better place.


jim key

Jim Key
Moderator, Unitarian Universalist Association

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Communications manager, Stewardship and Development, Unitarian Universalist Association.