Dear friend,

Last Thursday, your UUA staff moved into our new offices at 24 Farnsworth Street in Boston’s Innovation District. Unpacking was a breeze. IT staff made the rounds and we were off and running.

We hoped and planned for a collaborative space, and we have it. It’s beautiful and functional. And we’re already reaping the benefits of its design. Nicole McConvery, International Office Programs Associate, remarked, “I’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of colleagues from 25 (Beacon St.) whom I’ve never seen or spoken with face-to-face in the seven years I’ve worked for the UUA.”

Our first visitors were Unitarian Universalists from Canada. As I showed them around, my pride in your UUA staff, my gratitude for your generosity, and our shared awareness of opportunity and possibility grew.

We’re ready for you to come for a visit. This is your home. Enjoy these photos as a first step of our journey.

In faith,

Rev. Peter Morales
UUA President


About the Author
Sarah Cahill
Communications Assistant, Stewardship and Development at UUA
  • Robert

    What are the possibilities for the roof at 24 Farnsworth Street? Some solar panels might be nice. Maybe a small rooftop garden. A sanctuary for honeybees (endangered creatures) makes a nice statement…. Safety and security are rooftop concerns. However: Other urban buildings have managed this concern. Access to the roof can be restricted. Keep in mind that gardening is a seasonal activity…. Who manages day-to-day Green Sanctuary concerns at Farnsworth Street? Possibility: A part-time staff person (perhaps an intern) with local volunteers helping during garden season.

    • Robert

      Green Sanctuary projects at Farnsworth Street? LEED certification is nice. However, there’s a continuing need to demonstrate the UUA’s environmental justice concerns. The new offices can show what’s possible in an urban environment…. Also, the new offices can set a good example for the Green Sanctuary program…. Congregations will appreciate the support.

      Possibilities? At the least, the UUA should be involved with community recycling programs. Coffee grounds, bottles and cans, etc., should be managed in appropriate ways…. Maps in the lobby should provide information about public transit and walking opportunities. Visitors need this information. A Unitarian Universalist walking tour of Boston, starting at 24 Farnsworth Street, will be helpful…. Get involved with neighborhood groups. If the UUA develops a rooftop garden, join the community garden association…. If the UUA headquarters has the support of local volunteers, this will be possible and it will do some good.

      Suggestion: Start a Green Sanctuary team, with a mix of staff and volunteers, to help support the 24 Farnsworth Street office.

      Introduce the UUA to “the neighbors” in the Fort Point Channel area. It’s Boston’s “Innovation District,” so there are artists, museum directors, entrepreneurs, and others, near Farnsworth Street, who may be very interested in the UUA…. Not many churches in the Fort Point Channel area. Can the UUA provide chapel services that workers in the area can attend? At the very least, the UUA headquarters should celebrate holidays that are important for the neighborhood. (A Childrens Day celebration, with the Childrens Museum involved, will be appreciated. Celebrate human rights and the first Boston tea party, in December. Raise Celtic flags for the month of March.)

      Don’t be a stranger to the neighborhood or to the local environment. Get involved. Lead by example. Show people what’s possible.

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