Share with us your vision for the future of Unitarian Universalism and our new headquarters!

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  • Rev. Richard J. Norsworthy

    24 Farnsworth, from what little I can see of it, looks a
    lot like 25 Beacon Street. When do we get fuller views inside and out?

  • Karl J Volk

    I feel that in these times a lot of people are living on their financial edge and this makes them unable to participate in giving to social issues they would ordinarily support. There for I think that churches UU’s in particular could lean heavily into teaching members about money.. How to make it in terms of taking and giving lessons in trading. this could best be done through a version of small ministries. If people had ways to take the pressure off their financial worries they could more easily be open to giving to good causes including the UU fellowships and churches. I just paid over $4000.00 for a course in trading which I am now starting. This should not cost that much. IF individual fellowships and churches possibly with support from Headquarters would enlist those who already know this to teach others who do not know this kind of information.

    respectfully Karl J. volk