Join the Move Sunday is a chance for us to celebrate our movement and to lift up our Association and our covenant with one another.

Set against the backdrop of UUA headquarters moving to a new building, Join the Move Sunday is more about our movement than about our move. This is one more way that we can strengthen our connection with one another by honoring our interdependence.

The money we raise through special collections on Join the Move Sunday will strengthen our movement and support our congregations through programs and staff support. Your gifts will allow us to dream big in the new building, not only helping build a space that improves our ability to serve and connect with congregations, but creating a pilgrimage destination that welcomes, inspires, and deepens UU community with the youth groups, members and visitors who walk in our doors. One way we hope to do this is through an interactive Heritage and Vision Center which will honor our history and look forward to the future of Unitarian Universalism. This Heritage and Vision Center will have ways for congregations to interact virtually with the Association and with each other, but of course a dream like that needs support from staff and congregations. But most of all, your generosity will support UUA staff nationally and locally in serving congregations and individual UUs in ways not previously possible.

We are your UUA and this is your building. Help us celebrate the community of UUs across the country and the world by worshiping together, honoring our connections to one another, and celebrating Unitarian Universalism on the move. Thank you for joining this momentous occasion!

Words About Taking a Special Collection from Rev. Vail Weller, Director of Congregational Giving

Join the Move Sunday is an opportunity for our congregations to participate in the historic move to a new headquarters for our administrative offices, but right off the bat, let’s be clear: there is no central location of our UUA. We may have administrative offices in Boston, but we are an Association of Congregations.

Indeed, the time for a move of our administrative offices has come, and the space will be shaped around our Unitarian Universalist values of openness, inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability. The purpose of our new space is to serve our congregations better. This move offers a once-in-a-generation chance to support the space which serves all of us who are Unitarian Universalist. It is a move that will serve Unitarian Universalists far into the future. Good stewardship means giving today to support tomorrow. And what, again, are we supporting, when we support our UUA?

The work of our UUA is work that benefits congregations. This is work that benefits you, that serves us in helping us to live our faith. Here are just a few examples:

  • Our UUA companions congregations through ministerial transitions, not only through our Settlement process, but also through District and Regional resources, matching congregations with stellar leadership.
  • Your minister (should you be served by one) went through the process of ministerial formation and went before the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, the body which passes candidates into fellowship and clears them for ordination. Our UUA is so proud to support ministerial excellence.
  • Our Association creates and makes available Religious Education curricula, such as Our Whole Lives (our comprehensive sexuality education curriculum) for all ages and life stages, proudly helping to pass along Unitarian Universalist values to the next generation.
  • Our UUA trains consultants to help congregations with capital campaigns for new buildings or expansions, and provides congregational stewardship services of all kinds. Our UUA offers a Planned Giving program which allows individual UUs to support local congregations as well as our UUA through Legacy Giving in their estate plans. Our UUA is proud to give our folks concrete ways to express their values through their giving.
  • Our Association connects us with fabulous resources for LGBTQ welcome and equality, Racial Justice and Multicultural Ministries, Reproductive Justice, and Environmental Justice, and provides opportunities for us to participate in service learning experiences through the UU College of Social Justice. Our Association mobilizes UU’s to do justice work on a much larger scale than any of us can do as individual congregations.  Together, we make a far greater impact Standing on the Side of Love.

Indeed, our UUA Boston offices are on the move. But this move is about far more than simply housing administrative offices in a fully accessible, technologically-advanced building. Ours is to be a pilgrimage destination, with a vibrant interactive Heritage and Vision Center, a place where folks from around the world can come to see (and more importantly, feel) what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. In fact, the new space at 24 Farnsworth will offer far more space to showcase our history than was possible at 25 Beacon Street. The space itself is to be an expression of our values: openness, inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability. We will be clearly grounded in our history, as we make our way into the future.

In order to make this vision a reality, and in order to practice healthy stewardship which means investing in the future out of our blessings today, congregations are asked to join together to Join the Move. It is only possible to create such a destination if you give generously today.

While it is a historic move that we are making to 24 Farnsworth, the real reason I want to ask you to give is because it is a highly symbolic gesture, one that marks a conscious commitment to understand ourselves as connected by covenant to our larger Association. This, too, is an inherent part of what it means to live your faith as a Unitarian Universalist.

You, beautiful people, are the Association. Together, we are the Association. Join the Move by giving generously, far more generously than you thought you would, to support and strengthen the Unitarian Universalist connections that immeasurably nourish our lives, as well as the lives of countless others in the future that we will never know, but who will be graced by our generosity, today.

Thank you.


Instructions for Submitting Your Special Collection

After your service…

  1. Collect all checks made out to “Unitarian Universalist Association” or “UUA.”
  2. Collect all loose cash donations and any checks made out to your congregation for Join the Move Sunday. Deposit the cash into your own account and write a check to the UUA for that cash amount, with “Join the Move” in the memo line.
  3. Collect any Credit Card Donation Forms.
  4. Mail the check(s) and credit card donation forms in one envelope, along with the Gift Information Form to: Attn: Gift Processing Stewardship and Development Unitarian Universalist Association 25 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108


Thank you for your generous gifts!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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