Is your congregation participating in Join the Move Sunday to celebrate the UUA’s move to the new headquarters at 24 Farnsworth Street in Boston? If so, here are some resources to help you plan your service.


Centering Quote

“Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand. The only true answer . . . is that we do not stand at all, we move.”

Rev. Lewis B. Fisher (quoted in a 2010 UU World article)


Opening Words / Chalice Lightings / Responsive Readings

Come, yet again, come by Anne Slater

Motherless Child by Amy Bowden Freedman

This House by Kenneth L. Patton; Reading #444 in Singing the Living Tradition

We Arrive Out of Many Singular Rooms by Kenneth L. Patton; Reading #443 in Singing the Living Tradition


Prayers and Meditations

The Siddur for Reform Jewish Prayer, adapted

Adapted courtesy of the Unitarian Universalist Lucy Stone Cooperative– a cooperative, UU home.

May the door to this home be wide enough to receive all who hunger for love, all who are lonely for fellowship.

May it welcome all who have cares to unburden, thanks to express, hopes to nurture.

May the door of this home be narrow enough to shut out pettiness and pride, envy and enmity.

May its threshold be no stumbling block to young or straying feet.

May it be too high to admit complacency, selfishness and harshness.

May this home be, for all who enter, the doorway to a richer and more meaningful life


Prayer in Time of Transition by Julianne Lepp

The Home That Love Made by Amanda Poppei

Meditation by Wayne B. Arnason

A Prayer of Dedication for a Meetinghouse by Eileen B. Karpeles



From Songs of the Living Tradition

  • Come, Come Whoever You Are (188)
  • Sing Out Praises for the Journey (295)
  • With Heart & Mind (300)
  • Enter, Rejoice & Come In (361)
  • Gathered Here (389)

Ever New by Rev. John Corrado Ever New by Rev. John Corrado



Taking Our Memories With Us by Kay Montgomery, Executive Vice President, Unitarian Universalist Association

Tale of the Journeying Stream A Sufi Parable

The Boy Jesus in the Temple The Christian Bible; Book of Luke 2:41-51

Coming Home by Mary Oliver

The Sanctuary by Dawenwalker, a.k.a. Mary Jane Ward


Sample Sermon

A Moveable Feast: 25 Beacon St – A Love Story by John Marsh


Religious Education and Youth Worship Resources

Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)

Consider singing “Make New Friends” in rounds with the children. Discuss what it means to meet new people and try new things while still loving and remembering all that came before

This House

This reading combines the words of Kenneth L. Patton (Reading 444) & Psalm 133 (Reading 433) in Singing the Living Tradition

Creating Home: Tapestry of Faith Program for Kindergarten to 1st Grade

“You are about to take a journey. It is a journey you take alone and in community — a journey of inward reflections and outward actions of faith. A Unitarian Universalist journey, open to stories and beliefs from different lands and people. It is a journey from home. It is a journey to home. Welcome home…”

Faith Like a River

Faith Like a River explores the dynamic course of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist (UU) history—the people, ideas, and movements that have shaped our faith heritage. It invites participants to place themselves into our history and consider its legacies. What lessons do the stories of our history teach that can help us live more faithfully in the present? What lessons do they offer to be lived into the future?


Closing Words / Benediction

Because of those who came before,

we are;

in spite of their failings,

we believe;

because of, and in spite of the horizons of their vision,

we, too, dream.

– Barbara Pescan, Reading #680 In Singing the Living Tradition


Be ours a religion which,
like sunshine, goes everywhere; its temple, all space;
its shrine, the good heart;
its creed, all truth;
its ritual, works of love;
its profession of faith, divine living.

– Theodore Parker, Reading #683 in Singing the Living Tradition



What we call a beginning is often the end

And to make an end is to make a beginning.

The end is where we start from.



We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

                                    -T. S. Eliot, Reading #685 in Singing the Living Tradition


Articles / Links for Inspiration

Join the Move!: Building Excitement, Breaking New Ground

Our very own Join the Move Blog- come for information, stay for conversation! Also where you can sign up to Join the Move!


What Does a Unitarian Universalist Home Look Like?

An article on the UUA website that discusses creating intentionally Unitarian Universalist homes using the Six Sources of Our Living Tradition as Inspiration.


Sunday Styles: Unitarian Universalist Architecture

Dwell Magazine article about Unitarian Universalist architecture: “The cathedrals, mosques, and synagogues of the Old World still occupy the most hallowed ground of ecclesiastical architecture, but a rather unorthodox American sect can lay claim to the best in modern sacred space design: the Unitarian Universalists.”


Messaging the World: Social Media & A Unity Story

Two blog posts discussing the new role of Social Media within our UU Congregations- sparking discussion on how we as a faith tradition are adapting to a changing world while still holding onto our connections.



Join the Move Sunday – Images of 25 Beacon

Join the Move Sunday – Images of 24 Farnsworth

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