We want to hear from you! Please comment below to share your thoughts about the move. We will collect these comments and share them more widely.

Do you have a favorite memory of our historic building on Beacon Hill? Share your recollections! Many of us will deeply miss our old building, and we invite you to share your own thoughts if you will also miss 25 Beacon.

Are you excited about the future of Unitarian Universalism and our new headquarters? Share your vision! Tell us your dreams for your Association and our movement as a whole. Where would you like to see us in 5 years? 10? 25?

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  • Ann Sillman

    I have been a Unitarian since 1952 when my husband and i joined this wonderful religion. When it was time to become Unitarian/Universalist we were glad to vote for this. I have never been to 25 Beacon St, but understand from reading about this venerable place that we had outgrown it.
    So as our religion expands I am glad that we are proceeding carefully and thoughtfully with a new home for our headquarters that fits this modern day religion.

    • sarahcahill

      Thanks so much for your comment Ann – I’ve added it to the comment gallery above.

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  • Barbara Clarke Crotty

    Don’t forget to include mother-friendly features in the design. Employees with babies need a room in which to pump breast milk, and visitors with babies need a place to go and nurse.

    • Thanks for the comment Barbara – that is an excellent point and we will be sure to pass it along to the design team.

    • sarahcahill

      Thanks for the comment Barbara – that is an excellent point and we will be sure to pass it along to the design team.

  • JaneSpickett

    A Meditation/prayer room. And, self-serving though it may be (!), UU-made art.

    • rockhauler

      absolutely. sorry i didn’t see your contribution before i posted mine.

    • sarahcahill

      Thank you so much for the suggestions Jane!

  • rockhauler

    when i worked at 1 beacon street in a high-stress position, it was very important to have a quiet place to go to at noon where i could intensely remove myself from my work for a brief period of relaxation. since others were able to go to their churches nearby, i sought such a meditative space at 25 beacon, but to no avail. so on tuesdays it was kings chapel music and the rest of the time it was a walk along the lagoon or a beer at “the littlest”. how nice it would have been to have a meditative place i could consider my religious home. hint, hint. how about a meditation center for all those poor gen-x-ers i see wandering around the seaport district at noon?

    • sarahcahill

      Thank you for your comment – we definitely would like to see a quiet space for meditation and reflection, and will pass that feedback along to the design committee.

  • Barbara Du Mond

    When I think about being “green”, in addition to building green, I naturally reflect on my permaculture experinces and how I address the environment around my home. I suggest that greywater and rainwater usage systems be incorporated into the planning process. It is much better for the environment to sink rainwater than to have it run into the storm system and into local waterways. Greywater can be used to water landscape plants. I also suggest incorporating some kind of food production, especially if there is a cafeteria. Sitting or working in a garden can be very meditative and a great stress reducer. And the food produced is better tasting than most food from the grocery store. If there isn’t ground space for a garden, consider putting it on the roof (next to the solar panels). Also, using native plants will provide habitat for local fauna.

    • sarahcahill

      Great ideas Barbara, thank you.

  • ChristopherDSims

    As a Unitarian Universalist who has been in leadership for some time now, I do have a connection to 25 Beacon St., and Pickett & Elliot. I’ve gotten to know the staff there, and am comfortable and cozy with all of the UUA’s properties in Beacon Hill. Even the neighboring restaurants and the like. I see this move as helpful to our Association, and definitely for collaborative work. I study green spaces, and learn about what makes our land and spaces more green and productive. It is good to see us making this move and focusing on our future with technology and collaborative spaces. I know from experience that bright colors and open spaces make for production and progress. I look forward to seeing this at 24 Farnsworth. I would love to see live plants in the spaces. A community garden or simply a garden around the property would be great just the same!

    • sarahcahill

      Thank you for your supportive comment, Christopher. The staff are looking forward to seeing bright, open spaces at 24 Farnsworth as well.

  • Michael Benefiel

    “Joining the Move” is a timely event in the life of the congregation at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church of Bethesda, Maryland. Our Interim Senior Minister, the Rev. Evan Keely, lovingly guided us through a leadership transition as we bid farewell to our beloved Rev. Roger Fritts and, following many months of self-discovery and conversation, called the Rev. Abhi Janamanchi and his family to join and serve with us. In some mystical way, all living is encounter, presence, movement, flow — learning how to make our life transitions geographically, physically, and with our whole selves is a lifelong spiritual discipline, as well as a demanding and challenging set of logistical puzzles to solve along our way. Rev. Janamanchi, who will re-locate to Maryland from his home in Clearwater, Florida, was not a unanimous choice of all members of the congregation present and voting at our Annual Meeting. Those of us who voted “yes” have already embraced his unique mix of spiritual creativity and presence to the community. Joining his move and co-creating a renewed community to “explore the eternal, nurture community, and build a more just world” will add adventure and joy to our aspirations for excellence.

    • sarahcahill

      Michael, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Beth McGregor

    As General Assembly comes to Providence, a mere hour or so away, I hope you’re planning to welcome GA attendees, and show us around the new headquarters and its new neighborhood. This could be part of a great pre-GA tour of UU history in Boston (which is long and deep), including this newest piece of our history. I’m sure there are folks on staff at headquarters who could provide a fascinating and inspiring tour of this kind.

    Beth McGregor